Get involved

You are welcome to get involved in Asylgruppen in Malmö. We are a flat organisation where each voice is equal and we have no requirements on education or previous experiences. Instead we learn from each other and form the people that we meet. Join us with your participation and your dedication for change!

There are many ways to get involved

Maybe you know another language and can interpret or translate or maybe you like to arrange an event to raise money? Do you have ideas on activities for children and youth or do you want to write articles that make people reflect? In a work that occasionally can be heavy imaginative means can be an efficient and fun way to reach out and create opinion. In the year 2008 Asylgruppen in Malmö’s own theatre group was awarded with 30 000 SEK from The Olof Palme Memorial Fund to carry out a tour in high schools around the country. This is just an example on how creative knowledge can be useful in the struggle for a humane asylum politics.

We learn together

We try to arrange introductory meetings continuously for those who are interested in getting involved in our activities. During these introductory meetings you can learn more about our work and what you can do, and get some insight on how the Swedish Aliens Act is designed and how it is practised. We also strive to educate ourselves by arranging study groups and internal educations where we invite people to give lectures on relevant topics and amendments of the law.

Get in contact!

Do you want to help out but don’t know how – come join and we figure it out together! You are very welcome to contact us if you have questions or want to know more about us and our work.